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Operations & Resources

Understanding how your resources are used and how to control them is vitally important to the success of any organisation. Our easy to use tools will save you many hours in recording essential basic information and our in depth analysis will help you to become more efficient and profitable.

Four powerful management modules



People are generally the biggest resource an organisation has to manage.

Communication across management groups is important and our powerful tools enable employee details, costs, tasks, training and hours to be effortlessly recorded, tracked, shared and analized in real time.

Our tools save hours and hours of time, identify which tasks require the most time and enable people to be directed exactly where they are needed.


Maximising the use of equipment if fundamentally important to any organisation where equipment plays a central role.

Ground2Control 'Kit' provides all the tools to help you manage your equipment simply and effectively. Preventative maintenance schedules and powerful analysis reports, such as real time running costs factoring in time used, depreciation, labour and parts, show how cost effective your equipment is.

Using our system will identify which equipment is key to your operation, whether is would be more cost effective to replace or even if you need to own all of your own equipment at all rather than hire when required.


Chemicals can play an important role in land management but as many of these chemicals are hazardous they could present risks to human and animal health and the environment if not used appropriately or correctly.

agrio helps to improve 'Stewardship' of chemical use by linking directly to gis and our weather calendar to provide all the tools necessary to manage chemical use simply and efficiently and can result in huge cost savings.

Whether you undertake simple tests such as recording ground temperature, moisture content, air temperature and humidity prior to application to more sophisticated methods using 'Growth Potential', 'Degree Days' or 'Yield measurement' agrio will help you improve your use of chemicals.


money is a comprehensive financial management system which enables your team to record, monitor, share, analize and control costs and budgets relating to all aspects of your business.

Purchase Orders, Goods Received, Invoices, Credits, Inventory and Stock are all seamlessly linked together providing real time cost management for your entire team.

Costs are automatically compared with budgets in real time. Monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports are available at the click of a button, saving hours of time.

Safety Management

Safety management should be an integral part of your organisation. Our monitored system is industry specific and makes compliance with legislation easy to understand and achieve. Auto generated alerts and 'Things To Do' help to ensure there are no gaps in your Health & Safety Policy and you are fully protected.


Protecting your business from costly insurance claims or fines for not complying with Health & Safety legislation is a daunting task.

Our easy to use safety management system is designed to give you peace of mind and enable decision makers to quickly identify key areas of risk, define what risk assessments are required and what actions are needed and when.

Numerous types of assessments and safety tools are provided along with with expert advice on compliance and legal guidance and supported with comprehensive online help.

Geographic Information System

GIS surveys are the cornerstone for any organisation managing land and property. Without an in depth knowledge of the areas you are managing it is extremely difficult to measure how efficiently and cost effectively your resources are being used. Ground2Control's GIS links directly with our Resource and Safety Management systems to give you instant accurate measurments, quantities and costs.


Ground2Control GIS is an online browser which enables you to view your entire facility any time, day or night, on your PC, tablet or phone.

Layers of information can identify key areas, services, chemical treatments, safety features, circulation routes, planned changes or improvements and historical data.

Seamlessly link GIS to our Resource Management tools to provide accurate areas for chemical applications, crop production, seeding and turfing and maintenance costs.

Why integrated is better.

Our customers benefit on all levels from our integrated system. We believe it is fundamentally important that all aspects of the management process link together to ensure efficient, cost effective, time saving and communicative management.

Simple to Use and Implement

Greater Understanding and Control

Greater Efficiency, Productivity, Profitablity

Better Stewardship and Lower Costs

Easy Financial Management and Control

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Improved Risk Management

Single Point Communication

Independent and Trusted

Ground2Control is independently funded and operated and is not connected in any way to any government, public or private organisation that can benefit from your confidential information, ensuring your data is safe and secure.