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Protecting your business from costly insurance claims or fines for not complying with Health & Safety legislation is a daunting task.

Our easy to use safety management system is designed to give you peace of mind and enable decision makers to quickly identify key areas of risk, define what risk assessments are required and what actions are needed and when.

Numerous types of assessments and safety tools are provided along with with expert advice on compliance and legal guidance and supported with comprehensive online help.

"I have been using the SMS for 2 years, it is an easy way to keep all your safety information in one place as well as being a great resource for information and training"

Roger Tydeman

Dulwich and Sydenham Hills GC

"I believe that the safety management system on Ground2control is the truly modern way to run our business. It gives us all the information we could possibly need any place, anytime!"

Matt Plested

Stoneham Golf Club

"I never could make any sense of Health and Safety legislation, but using Ground2Control SMS it all just fell into place"

Heather Mulley

Enville Golf Club

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