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Ground2Control Resource is made up of four powerful modules - People, Kit, Agrio and Money.

Each module is optional so you can build the system that suit your specific needs.

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  • Kit
  • Agrio
  • Money


People are generally the biggest resource an organisation has to manage.

Communication across management groups is important and our powerful tools enable employee details, costs, tasks, training and hours to be effortlessly recorded, tracked, shared and analized in real time.

Our tools save hours and hours of time, identify which tasks require the most time and enable people to be directed exactly where they are needed.

"Linking employee details including qualifications and training to Health & Safety requirements has never been easier. This gives the Club and our insurers the reassurance we have the right procedures in place."

Ben Blampied-Smith

Royal Jersey Golf Club

"We use the Calendar module as an electronic whiteboard and display it in the mess room on a big screen. Not only can our team see what they should be doing but the system also generates timesheets automatically and tracks all employee hours for management and Payroll. Saves me hours of time!"

Matt Plested

Stoneham Golf Club

"Keeping track of holidays, sickness, overtime, weekend work and overtime is so much easier with Ground2Control. Information is available in real time and instantly accessible to the whole managment team."

Alastair Higgs

Windlesham Golf Club

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Maximising the use of equipment if fundamentally important to any organisation where equipment plays a central role.

Ground2Control 'Kit' provides all the tools to help you manage your equipment simply and effectively. Preventative maintenance schedules and powerful analysis reports, such as real time running costs factoring in time used, depreciation, labour and parts, show how cost effective your equipment is.

Using our system will identify which equipment is key to your operation, whether is would be more cost effective to replace or even if you need to own all of your own equipment at all rather than hire when required.

"Ground2Control helps me stay on top of service records, machinery parts, stock items and plan preventative maintenance. I can identify real time running costs at the touch of button."

Gary Cousins

Dulwich and Sydenham Hills GC

"Planning equipment replacement and maintenance schedules and costs has never been easier. I used to use spreadsheets but never again."

Matt Plested

Stoneham Golf Club

Kit Features
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Chemicals can play an important role in land management but as many of these chemicals are hazardous they could present risks to human and animal health and the environment if not used appropriately or correctly.

agrio helps to improve 'Stewardship' of chemical use by linking directly to gis and our weather calendar to provide all the tools necessary to manage chemical use simply and efficiently and can result in huge cost savings.

Whether you undertake simple tests such as recording ground temperature, moisture content, air temperature and humidity prior to application to more sophisticated methods using 'Growth Potential', 'Degree Days' or 'Yield measurement' agrio will help you improve your use of chemicals.

"Getting accurate areas from the GIS information has enabled us to control our chemical use more efficiently and has reduced our costs"

Roger Tydeman

Dulwich and Sydenham Hills GC

"Recording all chemical inputs and creating spray records ensures we meet all legislative and safety requirements. This system eanbles us to do that easily and enables us to compare product usage and cost year on year."

Matt Plested

Stoneham Golf Club

"Linking GIS, weather conditions and accurately recording chemical use is the way forward to improving how we do things. This system provides all the tools to allow us to do that. Highly recommended."

Kris Durrant

Tandridge Golf Club

Agrio Features
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money is a comprehensive financial management system which enables your team to record, monitor, share, analize and control costs and budgets relating to all aspects of your business.

Purchase Orders, Goods Received, Invoices, Credits, Inventory and Stock are all seamlessly linked together providing real time cost management for your entire team.

Costs are automatically compared with budgets in real time. Monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports are available at the click of a button, saving hours of time.

"Unlike our accounting system this outstanding management tool enables our whole team, operationally and financially, to easily manage budgets and costs on a daily basis and across multiple venues."

Eileen Sheehan

Carr Golf Services

"This system has been so easy to implement we can now justify where every penny has been spent."

Seam Whipp

Royal Wimbledon Golf Club

"Cost planning and recording has never been easier. This has saved us hours and hours of time and provides clear management reports at the click of a button. My General Manager can simply log on and see exactly where we are, whilst I can focus my attention on other important jobs,"

Colin Hutt

Course Manager - Basingstoke Golf Club

Money Features
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